This is the World Fries Top 30

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ubelski: maart 2020

The Dutch business expert Foodservice Watcher compiled the World Fries Top 30. The Netherlands is the country that counts the most concepts where fries are the dominant core product.

The Top 30 is exclusively focused on chains that consider French fries as their distinctive foodproduct. So quick service restaurant brands, who are big sellers of fries, are not included in the list. You will not find McDonald’s nor other burgerchains in the World Fries Top 30.

Potato Corner | Potato Corner from the Philippines ranks number one. The chain has hundreds of hot-dog-stand-like outlets that sell flavored French fries. Second comes New York Fries from Canada. In third place: Kwalitaria from The Netherlands.

World Fries Top 30

Foto: Potato Corner USA

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